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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doc Horse Tales: Why write? Because you love to.

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    • Because you love to.
    • Humans “write” because it is our distinctive character
      • How old is our writing?
    • “writing,” consider expanding the field of composition.
    • mode, media, audience, purpose, and situation
      • I'm thinking of shared purpose here in connected learning - working in teams to create, revise, and share in  collaboration that ripples onward to others to remix. Is this notion of, "what will someone else do with this" an incentive to quantity? quality? community?
    • Let writing go to edge of consciousness. 
      • The edge - this could take time though, with writers struggling to think they can write. But finding the one gem in the work is important to build the confidence needed to become so is important.
    • write until we find this for ourselves, how can we expect it in our classroom?
    • enthusiasm motivates
      • At least, do this for the kids. Those students who love to write may teach the teacher. :)
    • Can’t find time?  No easy solution here, but try buying yourself out
      • I laughed. I do this. Someone else takes care of the yard. :) Now I love gardening, but don't garden. My garden is of words blossoming into ideas and images and inspiration.

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