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Doc Horse Tales: Why write? Because you love to.

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    • Because you love to.
    • Humans “write” because it is our distinctive character
      • How old is our writing?
    • “writing,” consider expanding the field of composition.
    • mode, media, audience, purpose, and situation
      • I'm thinking of shared purpose here in connected learning - working in teams to create, revise, and share in  collaboration that ripples onward to others to remix. Is this notion of, "what will someone else do with this" an incentive to quantity? quality? community?
    • Let writing go to edge of consciousness. 
      • The edge - this could take time though, with writers struggling to think they can write. But finding the one gem in the work is important to build the confidence needed to become so is important.
    • write until we find this for ourselves, how can we expect it in our classroom?
    • enthusiasm motivates
      • At least, do this for the kids. Those students who love to write may teach the teacher. :)
    • Can’t find time?  No easy solution here, but try buying yourself out
      • I laughed. I do this. Someone else takes care of the yard. :) Now I love gardening, but don't garden. My garden is of words blossoming into ideas and images and inspiration.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Create, Share, Interpret, Remix

Have you seen this amazing tri-class remix project?

Flick-It-On! Student Collaborative Film Making Challenge

It is a creative way to inspire remix, design, and critical thinking.

The Gist:

  • Three classes

  • Each make a silent video on chosen theme and pass it on (flick it on) to the next class.

  • That class interprets it and adds VoiceOver and credits and flicks it on.

  • The next class interprets emotion and action and adds music and credits, then flicks it on.

  • Presentations

I wonder if there is a reflection/dialogue component to explain/discuss the choice in interpretation and remix to consider how the original projects morphed into something same/different than original intent?

This a project worth trying: students must interpret what they see in the context of the theme, then add their interpretation before passing it on for the next interpreters. Each group thinks through a different part in the making of a video. Imagine the learning conversations and debriefing!

How would you extend or remix this project?

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Educators: How to remove ads from Blogger

How to Remove Ads on your Blogger blog (Blogspot)

The above Google Support Document provides this info:

Note: This article assumes you are using a classic template. On a Layouts-enabled blog, just click the "edit" link for your AdSense page element, the click the "Remove Page Element" button.

The special AdSense tab in Blogger's Template section does not currently have a way to automatically remove ads for you. 

Find the right code and delete it:

Click on the Template tab for your blog

Make sure to be in the "Edit Current" view (where you see all the code) rather than on the AdSense tab. 

Then scan through your code until you find some code that looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
<script type="text/javascript"

The numbers will be different, depending on what layout and colors you've chosen, and it will have your own AdSense ID in it instead of all those X's. But the basic format will be the same.

Once you've found that code, just delete it. 

Everything you see above can go. Then save your changes and republish your blog.

Another way to remove the code it to reset your template to one of our default versions. This is easier than looking through the code yourself, but please note that it will also remove any other customizations your changes you have made.

If you ever decide you want the ads back, just click on the AdSense tab, sign in, and choose the layout and colors you want.

Friday, February 1, 2013

CCSS: Teaching Argument vs. Evidence | MiddleWeb

Six steps to teaching #ccss argument -- I needed to save this one!  I think you'll find the strategies excellent:

CCSS: Teaching Argument vs. Evidence | MiddleWeb:

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Monday, January 21, 2013

“You are what you share.” #ETMOOC

Do you wonder how to organize all the ideas you want to keep so you can do something with them? I've been introduced to StorifyPearltrees, and IFTTT as ways to annotate and organize those bits of information I want to synthesize and share in meaning and action. Sue Waters also has just responded to questions about blogging using Storify to curate the tweets and responses! I created this My Storify to try to organize. 

I also learned how to gather blog posts and comments in Google Reader from Sue Waters here  and here.  I am creating a folder in Google Reader for the the ETMOOC hub and for the posts I want to curate: annotate, synthesize, share, and act. I just followed Sue's directions here. 

I hope to work with others at the middle school level on the topics of assessment, inquiry, global collaboration,  and teaching for our students' futures.


This blog post offers more information on curation.  What are your ideas?

“You are what you share.”  [photo from post; credit on photo]



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Monday, January 14, 2013

Teaching Understanding -- Strategies

Twitter / bennettscience: I've added a new bookmark to ...: "http://bit.ly/SARdo0 "

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Reading Comprehension?  Resources here from the above tweet by Brian Bennett @bennettscience.

Guide students into understanding what they read, and gradually release that responsibility to them as they learn these strategies:


I'm using this one:  4 Minute Comprehension (reading and writing! )

Thanks, Brian @bennettscience and Gary Strickland @SciAggie, whose website it is.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bless address press « Read… Write… Talk…

bless address press « Read… Write… Talk…:

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I love this.  Writing Workshop feedback how to.  Click the link above to learn to:

Bless -- just give me some "thumbs up"
Address-- just help me with this...
Press-- fire away: I'm on deadline -- help me make it great

Top 10 don'ts for wannabe teacher bloggers | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional

Top 10 don'ts for wannabe teacher bloggers | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional:

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Click the above link for the 10 don'ts that show you how to get started blogging -- as a teacher, your experiences may help others.

Briefly, you'll understand what TO DO:

1) Start
2) Choose Quick Design
3) Tag
4) Focus
5) Expect everybody will read it (digital footprint)
6) Tweet it
7) Describe & Evaluate What You Do
8) Keep it short
9) Hyperlink
10) Start  :)

I would add:

11) Follow other educator blogs
12) Comment on other educator blogs
13) Join Twitter and Tweet
14) Join Flickr to store images
15) Use Creative Commons images (advanced search on Flickr)

Educators to Follow

Tracy Watanabe

Dare To Care Mrs D Krebs Class Blog
Primary Teacher Kathleen Morris


Work Hard, Be Courageous, Celebrate Growth: Our Brain Books: The 10 Essentials

  share their essentials for these personal learning notebooks, a wonderful idea, low tech, for Genius Hour, or any classroom. Develop your potential by documenting what's important to you. These notebooks help students and adults organize, reflect, and curate their learning.

Work Hard, Be Courageous, Celebrate Growth: Our Brain Books: The 10 Essentials: When Brain Books were integrated into our learning environments, we saw a dynam...

More of their posts:

The Story of Our Brain Books
Student Perspective
Our Brain Books: The 10 Essentials
Brain Books: Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Introducing Brain Books to Students


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