Sunday, March 8, 2009

Research Required? Use Diigo!

Do you have research to do? A question to answer? Information to share? Here's the tool for highlighting, annotating, and sharing that important information.

Writers need information, background knowledge, and quotes to add depth and detail to their work. Diigo makes that task of organizing, notating, annotating, and sharing that information so much easier.

Diigo is web-browser enabled tool that allows users to highlight, annotate, and share information from the web.

Notice the yellow highlights and the pink highlights with an annotation.

Once you have bookmarked through Diigo your page, you can retrieve the link to the page, all your highlights, and all your annotations:

Here is the Diigo site of group bookmarks with annotations (green box) and comments (orange box) expanded.

These can be extracted and placed in a document (wiki, word process document, etc.) to analyze to draw one's own conclusions for research reports or other research needs.

This is a fantastic and collaborative research tool. The eighth grade students are conducting independent research from which their notes and annotations become resources for their draft conclusions for their thesis focus.

The fifth grade students are learning about Memphis, Tennessee from essays written by their Presbyterian Day School friends and placed on Mapskip. Students will write an itinerary for the choices they would recommend based on their notes and annotations on the work of our friends.

For a more complete How to Diigo, click here and here.