Friday, June 22, 2012

Clover in the Grass

Monday Writes for Teachers Write Camp by Kate Messner

1. Prompt by author Jody Feldman

Assignment: Go to the random noun generator: 
The first word that pops up is yours for the day. You have two choices:
Brainstorm:Generate a full page of plot ideas with that noun at the center of your thoughts. Need a boost? Add in a second word.
Dive in: Let your noun kickstart a piece of writing. The word generator, for example, gave me expansion. My first, raw thought:
Whenever Parker caught sight of the Four Springs Expansion Bridge, he always gasped a little.
          Funny.  Now I want to know why.

My Noun: Grass

Clover in the Grass

Clover in the grass are weeds, they say, and they try to make them go away. But my mom loves them, and sits in the grass looking for that four leaf clover with her wish in its leaves. "Have a good day at school today, dear."

I adjusted my science, history, and English books and pulled the sleeve of my plaid coat even. "See you later," I called and walked off to school.

At school, I unlocked the locker and noticed Lucy approaching. She was new to the school, and I didn't know her. She said, "Hi." Before I could respond, three girls punched their way through the throng of students flowing through the hall.

"Hey, Lucy. Where'd you get that jacket, Value Village?" Danielle flipped her blonde flip hairdo over her shoulders and sauntered away with her friends in a fit of laughter that brought looks instead of smiles by those around them.

Lucy and I watched as they disappeared down the crowded third floor hall of the old high school.

I eyed Lucy's jacket. It was a short length, fitting right at the hip. Red velvet with princess seams and a black felt collar with black buttons.

"I like your jacket, Lucy." I complimented her.

"Thanks. I made it myself."

"I'm sorry about Danielle."

"Who cares about what they say. I wear what I like and I do what I like. They don't own me."

She slapped her locker shut and wandered down the hall to her class, and I stood, amazed that she could dismiss Miss Popularity so easily.

I thought to myself, "She's a clover, a wish in the wind, and they're just three of many in the blades of grass. Soon they will be cut down, but Lucy will continue to bloom."

"Come on!" Lucy turned and called back.

I smiled, and rushed to catch up to my new friend. It was a good day.


Your turn: 

Use the noun generator to find your word for the day. Choose one of the prompts.

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