Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teachers Write Reflection - Sunday

How did you do this week? Did you meet your weekly goal(s)? 
I met my weekly goals, but not my daily goals. I had to add time on other days because of commitments and priorities during the last weeks of school, such as planning the grade 8 promotion, which included recognition for NaNoWriMo, in which my students participated.

What was the pit of your week? (The hardest part, the not-fun part?)
The hardest part was squeezing the time in to complete the task, but because I want so much to be better, I did it.

What was the peak of your week? (The best part, the most-fun part?)
The most fun part of the week were the comments on my blog. Getting someone that read my ideas. I'm looking and commenting on others' work too. It's a great experience to read bits and pieces of others' work — learning a new perspective of the craft of writing. 

I loved this post reflecting on workshops with students: write with them; model for them. I've found that some kids don't get the ideas from modeling either; I've just got to sit beside them and let them tell me what they're trying to say, or to tell me their ideas. That way I can guide them in how to get those feelings and ideas on paper. Sometimes it takes that one to one modeling to help students see the way to show details and feelings in their writing, not simply a summary or a "telling."

What are you looking forward to and planning for the week ahead?
I hope to stretch into new territory and continue reading a few others' blogs for the project— and to get those daily writing goals met. 

Thanks for the inspiration.