Monday, June 4, 2012

The Write Time to Make Time

A second has already sped by.  Whizzz. I hate that. My grandkids and I always want to "pause" time so we can have a long time of fun together. But it never works. Night comes and we turn in. It's 9:31 PM right now and I need to write now.

No matter what, if you want to do something, you make the time for it. Sure, we've got to earn a living. Sure, we've got laundry. And yes, Pooka needs walking every day.

So this summer my PLN friend, Denise Krebs, introduced me to author Kate Messner's Teachers Write online writing camp. I'm so excited!  As a writing teacher and as a writer, I want to experience my craft, learn my craft, and share my craft.

My students and I participated in NaNoWriMo last November, so we know that writing takes time, scheduled time, to get ideas, to re-read and funnel more ideas, to get it done.

FYI: NaNoWriMo is 148 days away:

So Kate's first assignment is to schedule that time, and to let others know your plan. 

I still have a week of school, until June 12th, so here's my plan to write:

June 4-12:

  • After walking the dog, after a light dinner, writing time begins, starting with 15 minutes (ha) right in my living room on my MacBook Air.
  • My husband will support me; I hope my students tune in -- and perhaps add their own responses-- I'm telling them tomorrow.
After June 12:

  • In the morning with clouds in my coffee I will write for 15 minutes or more as the sunlight filters in to inspire me
  • I may be sitting in the rocking chair with my husband on the couch next to me writing on his iPad getting ready for his day
  • I may be out in the backyard on my cushioned swing, dog and cats beside me with fairy light filtering through the sycamore leaves and chickadees and finches singing ideas for me
  • And my husband will be on the back porch at the little table with his iPad

Webinars and Swings

Of course, I may spend the day here. 

So, what's your plan?

If you have something to do, schedule it:
When will you...
Where will you...
For how long will you...
Who will know you will...