Sunday, July 14, 2013

Create, Share, Interpret, Remix

Have you seen this amazing tri-class remix project?

Flick-It-On! Student Collaborative Film Making Challenge

It is a creative way to inspire remix, design, and critical thinking.

The Gist:

  • Three classes

  • Each make a silent video on chosen theme and pass it on (flick it on) to the next class.

  • That class interprets it and adds VoiceOver and credits and flicks it on.

  • The next class interprets emotion and action and adds music and credits, then flicks it on.

  • Presentations

I wonder if there is a reflection/dialogue component to explain/discuss the choice in interpretation and remix to consider how the original projects morphed into something same/different than original intent?

This a project worth trying: students must interpret what they see in the context of the theme, then add their interpretation before passing it on for the next interpreters. Each group thinks through a different part in the making of a video. Imagine the learning conversations and debriefing!

How would you extend or remix this project?

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